Kurtz Digital Strategy takes a strategic approach to your marketing and communication.

I provide clients with digital strategy consulting using a strategic process that ensures that you get the right strategy for your needs. The right strategy takes the mystery out of what you need to do and how you can measure results.

The process is customized for each client and generally includes:

  • A deep-dive into your business and goals
  • A written Digital and Social Media Strategy document that includes, goals, strategies, tactics, keywords, timelines, and resources
  • An editorial calendar that guides messaging
  • Training
  • Implementation, evaluation, and support activities

Our Digital Strategy Process

Digital Strategy Process.gif

We have a proven process to develop and implement successful digital strategies for our clients.  There are four general components: discovery, strategy, implementation, and evaluation. The elements of each of these core components are customized for each client. The outcome is always a dynamic strategy that serves relationship and engagement needs with key constituents.


In the discovery phase, we gather the information needed to develop an insightful, targeted social media strategy. We talk with key stakeholders, including internal staff, partners, and/or stakeholder representatives.We audit current activities to identify successes as well as missed opportunities.


As we move to the strategy phase, we turn the insights gained during the discovery phase into an actionable plan that targets your goals. The strategy document defines the goals as well as the specific strategies and tactics that will move you toward them. We define the timeline for each activity and the resources needed. Finally, we outline the measures of success that will enable ongoing evaluation and adjustment of the effort.

We also look carefully at messaging. We define categories of messaging that are relevant to the organization and to its constituents. We develop sample messages that target your goals—such as raising visibility, increasing views, and providing resources and information–to provide inspiration and guidance. We provide ideas for content that can be adapted for multiple purposes and audiences.


As the outcome of the strategy phase, you have a road map for an effective digital strategy. It is then time to start implementing the specific tactics that will lead to success.

KDS provides ongoing guidance and hands-on support as needed during this phase. Some clients have the resources to execute the strategy, while others prefer to task this effort to KDS. The question of available resources is addressed during the discovery and strategy phases, so that you have complete control over the resources allocated during the implementation phase.

This phase often includes hands-on training to equip staff members to confidently execute the defined strategy and to use selected tools. KDS is able to provide group and individual training, in person or via webinar.


As the strategy is implemented, evaluation begins. We take assessments of each activity as well as make periodic assessments of the strategy as a whole. These evaluations allow for ongoing adjustment and optimization of the digital strategy.

Evaluation activities can include informal assessments of social media activities and formal evaluations such as surveys and focus groups. The breadth of planned evaluation activities is customized to the needs of each client.

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