You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What impression are you creating online?

Every day, your customers and potential customers are getting an impression of you online. They are visiting your website, seeing your profiles and posts on social media, and researching you in relevant online directories. It is as important to pay as much attention to your online presence as you do in your offline interactions.

With the boot camp program, Kurtz Digital Strategy addresses the components of a strong online presence that engages with a specific target audience or customer in mind. Building strong, two-way relationships and nurturing them on an ongoing basis online, positions your business for long-term success.

The foundation for a great online presence is your website.

Your website is the online location where you have complete control over look and feel, messaging, and engagement. It is the place where you need to send anyone who is interested in learning more about you online. For this reason, your website—viewed from desktop computers as well as mobile devices–is the most critical component of your online presence.

KDS will work with you to optimize your website to make sure that look, feel, and messaging are on point for your target customer. We will ensure that your website helps you to reach your business goals.

Organic opportunities on Google, social media, and directories make a huge difference.

With a solid web presence, you are well-positioned to leverage other online marketing and communication tools:

  • Facebook: With the largest (by far) number of active daily users in the United States and beyond, Facebook is the social media channel that no business can afford to ignore. Users span all age groups and demographics. Your customers and potential customers are on Facebook, likely every day. For businesses, Facebook business pages, posts, boosted posts, and ads are all tactics worth consideration.
  • Google My Business: In the quest to be relevant to its search customers, Google has put increasing emphasis on validating businesses online with the Google My Business tools. To rank well, businesses must claim and complete their listings.
  • LinkedIn: This professionally-oriented social channel is important to establish the credibility of the individuals associated with your business as well as the business itself. This is the place where customers go to check out your expertise and credentials. It is where they learn about the size and scope of your business.
  • Online Directories and Communities: Consumers are savvy enough to look for third-party confirmations before they make a purchasing decision. This has led to the rise of directories like Angie’s List and Yelp and online directories offered by chambers of commerce and professional organizations. It is important to pay attention to your profile in any directories that are relevant to your profession and industry.

All businesses need to develop and execute a strategy for effective messaging and engagement across these key locations. Your presence — including branding, imagery, and messaging – must be consistent everywhere you are online. And, you must follow best practices in search engine optimization, which really are the best practices for optimization of online visibility.

Make it all work with the right digital strategy.

KDS develops messaging that properly positions your business. The right messaging accounts for your brand, your services, your target customer, and your keywords. This master message can be used everywhere you are online to ensure consistency of your brand.

Content Strategy
Equally important is sharing content that meets the needs and interests of your target audience. It is not enough to sell online. Customers need to know that you understand and can help them with their interests and needs. They expect you to engage with them, inviting their ideas and comments and reacting when they take the time to do that.

Online Marketing Support
KDS provides you with ongoing online marketing support, with specific tasks and priorities that target your business goals. Monthly retainer contracts are developed based on your needs and budget.

Support activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Implement the latest Facebook page options to your maximum benefit. Develop a strategy for posting a mix of direct promotion and information that speaks to the needs and interests of your target audience.
  • Create, refine, and claim your Google My Business listing.
  • Optimize LinkedIn personal profiles and company page as well as a strategy for sharing content and engaging on this platform.
  • Determine the most important online directories for your business and work to refine your presence on each one.
  • Develop your blog strategy. Define your editorial calendar, content writing guidelines, and provide content writing and editing services.