When people Google your business, do they find you? When they need the product or service you offer, will their search make them aware that you are the perfect fit?

Improve Your Search Visibility

KDS provides organic search engine optimization strategies. The goal is to ensure your online presence gets the attention of the major search engines. When people are searching for you, your products or your services, you need to be found!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is achieved through careful attention to the factors that search engine algorithms use to determine the best results for a search term. SEO cannot be bought.

We Understand Search Engines

We pay careful attention to elements that search engines use for ranking, including:

  • Use of currently-searched keywords and phrases that match your business
  • Online content that is structured for search engine visibility, on your website, social media channels, and more
  • Quality and quantity of mentions and links related to you and your business

Key elements of the SEO Tune Up service are:

  • Keyword research to identify the words and phrases your site currently ranks for as well as opportunities
  • Competitor research to identify the words and phrases they rank for and opportunities to outrank them
  • Edit content to use keywords and proper SEO structure, edit content used by search engines
  • Mention and link-building strategy
  • Leverage Google tools including Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to look for issues and opportunities

We will assess your current status, identify opportunities for improvement and do the work to improve your SEO.