Kurtz Digital Strategy ensures that your website targets your business goals in a way that captures attention and serves the needs of your target audience. From start to finish to ongoing maintenance, we ensure you have a website that works hard for you.

The development and launch of a website is a challenge. You need to present your rich content and information in a layout that engages visitors, and energizes the relationships that you want to create. You need to follow best practices to ensure optimal visibility. Finally, you need to assess whether the work is accomplishing your goals.

The Right Website for your Business

There are two central guiding principles we follow when planning a website. The first is that content is still king and the design should showcase the content (not its own design bells and whistles). The second is that form follows function: decide what it is you have to offer on the web and then build a site that allows you to do this clearly and effectively.

The most important work that goes into building a successful website starts long before the first web page is composed. Developing a plan that defines what you want to accomplish (your goals), who you want to reach (your audience), and the specific effective strategies that will get you there will ensure a project that is on course to success.

Strategic Plan

  • Assess current marketing activities
  • Analyze the competitive environment
  • Define strategies and specific elements

Website Requirements

  • Technical requirements
  • Content and brand message
  • Information architecture and navigation
  • Design and imagery

Content Strategy

  • Collect and organize all content
  • Write and revise content
  • Plan for new content

Website Design & Development

  • Develop requirements and working documents
  • Apply best practices in site design and development, leveraging best practices including mobile first, secure certificate, voice search optimization and much more
  • Manage the quality assurance process

Measurement and Life Cycle Plan

  • Monitoring and metrics (Google Analytics and more)
  • Routine maintenance to keep the site secure, ensuring links work, and prevent down time
  • Strategic additions