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Small Businesses Grow with Referrals

Guest Post by Natalie Rose, NOVA Web Group

One of the best ways to grow a business is through a steady flow of great referrals. Your help sending potential clients to other businesses helps them and pays dividends for you when the gesture is reciprocated.

Most small businesses rely on good referrals for more business. With referrals, we all find the business that helps us succeed!

Are you leveraging your referrals?

There are many ways to get more referrals. First, be sure you offer customer service that builds your reputation. Good customer service is the foundation of a successful referral program.

Once you are serving existing customers well, you can focus on building referrals. Some ideas to try:

  • Compensate – Offer an incentive to existing customers to refer your service
  • Promote – Advertise your referral program in a newsletter, welcome email, or on social media
  • Track – Thank or give credit to everyone who makes a referral

Earn Love, Get Love

Getting referrals is all about creating an emotional connection. You want people to love what you do and how you do it. That emotion will keep you top of mind and drive them to recommend you to others.

I always want to hear “I love it” or “I couldn’t live without it” when I finish a client project. That’s how I know I have done a good job. It also tells me I have created a connection that can lead to more referrals. We both win!

This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Love with a Referral

Who can you help with a referral? Is there someone you know who needs help with a website? I’d love for you to tell them about me. Or, connect someone with another service need with a business you know can help.

Spread the referral love!