speak to your audience and what they care about

Speak to Your Audience

Here’s a question to ask to keep your digital marketing on track: does my target audience care? Am I talking about what I care about, rather than what they care about? You need to speak to your audience.

Effective Marketing Is Not About You

Content about new business earned, a successful presentation, or a great team meeting, may excite you and bore your audience. Content that is useful is interesting. The rest just isn’t.

Talk about what matters to your audience. Don’t get caught into thinking that if it is about you they will automatically care.

Communicate Value

Consider these pointers to be sure your content creates value for your audience.

  • Speak to your audience. Does the content address a need? Provide helpful information? Offer a chuckle? Speak to your audience’s concerns.
  • Be personable. Talk like a friend. Make sure everything you add to the conversation helps to build connections and relationships.
  • Be honest. Don’t just share when you think you are perfect. Share lows too. Help people see that you are just like them, with wins and losses.
  • Care. Don’t just think about what matters to you now. Think about what is top of mind for your audience.

Strike a Balance

It is fine to share your wins and joys, as long as you do that in balance. Consider the value of your content to your target audience above all other priorities. Keep your audience in mind when building your digital marketing plan.