Here are some stories about the clients who have allowed us to contribute to their success.


Like many new businesses, FedScale created a website quickly. It was a placeholder. Five years later, it was time for a web presence that truly reflected the business. FedScale is a value-added reseller (VAR), government hardware consultant, and end-to-end IT solutions provider. FedScale serves several federal agencies and wants to expand to a larger customer base.… Read More


When you are an independent truck owner-operator, your life is on the road. The tools to manage your business need to be along for the ride with you. That’s the idea behind the Trucklogger app, which helps these independent professionals manage their business from any mobile device. Digital Strategy The makers of Trucklogger needed a… Read More

Veterans Moving Forward

Veterans Moving Forward, Inc. (VMF) had a critical need for volunteers to raise and train service dogs. They reached out to Kurtz Digital Strategy and got results that surpassed expectations. VMF is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization that provides service dogs to military veterans with physical and/or mental health challenges, at no cost to the veteran.… Read More

Common SEO mistakes to avoid

Doula Jenn

Doula Jenn had an attractive website with terrific images but no search engine optimization (SEO). The site was completely invisible to search engines. In fact, it was given a visibility rating of less than 1%! Setting the Website Up for SEO The site used a content management platform and host that was not well-suited for… Read More

American Public University System

American Public University System (APUS) is one of several universities that offers online degrees to busy adults. With a growing number of direct competitors, APUS looked to an earned media strategy to gain visibility for its expert faculty and brand among potential students.

Myers 5 Group

Myers 5 Group

Sometimes a business idea just takes off.  That can mean long days struggling to keep pace. There feels like no time to develop a digital marketing plan. But, that is exactly what is needed most. Myers 5 Group was just such a company. They were creating new private labels for service businesses at an incredible… Read More

Engaged CTC

Engaged CTC was a brand-new consultancy when principal Wendy Anson approached Kurtz Digital Strategy (KDS) to establish an online presence and marketing approach. We translated her passion for maximizing potential and improving outcomes for her clients into a marketing approach that positioned the company to grow. Establish an Online Presence We helped Engaged CTC build… Read More

Retirement Planning Guru

Professional service providers like retirement planners have a lot of online competition. To rise above the clutter, the online presence needs to be focused, consistent, and complete. Kurtz Digital Strategy did a complete online presence assessment for Retirement Planning Guru, an independent retirement planning service. The assessment covered all the places the company is found… Read More

Virginia American Water and Maryland American Water

One of the greatest challenges with social media is building a following. The problem is particularly acute when you provide a public service and need to be able to reach customers in times of service interruption. Virginia American Water and Maryland American Water wanted to face this challenge by building their social media following on… Read More

Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe

Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe

Sometimes I get lucky enough to get in at the start of something truly awesome. The family behind Arlington’s Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe contacted me before they even had space secures for their all-day cafe concept. Today, it is a growing business that is thriving no matter what virus curve balls get thrown their… Read More

CertiPUR-US Foam Certification Program

CertiPUR-US®, a certification program for foam used in bedding and upholstered furniture, had an engaging website that shared the not-for-profit’s mission. There was just one problem: the site was not mobile-friendly, effectively shutting out the growing number of consumers looking to reference the site on the fly.

Burke Presbyterian Church

I have maintained the Burke Presbyterian Church website for years, adding sermons, events, payment buttons, and much more. From the user perspective, the website grew with the church, always offering the most up-to-date information. The website is the primary means of connecting the church to its community and potential members. It is critical to continued… Read More

Membership Association

The leadership of a membership association in the DC-area that serves trades professionals nationwide wanted to update how they interact with members. They decided engage on social media. Kurtz Digital Strategy KDS served as the social media expert in a team led by MiniMatters Video + Marketing. Choosing the Right Social Media Members are active… Read More

Conquer the Chaos Online Refresh

As businesses evolve, their web presence needs to keep pace. Sometimes, a website even needs to be a little ahead and reflect the business owner’s vision of what’s next. The Conquer the Chaos website needed to be updated to reflect the current scope of the business as well as emerging services. The site is on… Read More

Security Management Resources

With a fresh website as the cornerstone of an enhanced online presence, Security Management Resources® (SMR) turned to Kurtz Digital Strategy for a digital strategy that would draw people to the company’s content. The challenge was to expand reach beyond website visitors and create an identity and following on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, international social platforms,… Read More

Hickory Hill Vineyards

Hickory Hill Vineyards became Virginia’s 75th farm winery in 2001. Since that time, the state’s wine business has grown. Today there are about 300 wineries state-wide. That’s a lot of brands competing for attention. Leveraging Local Media Hickory Hill is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the east side of Smith… Read More

Red Thinking

Sometimes you just need a road map to follow. Whether is for your website, social media, public relations campaign, or digital marketing, every effort is more effective with a plan. Kurtz Digital Strategy specializes in developing customized plans. Red Thinking needed a road map to follow for is web development efforts for clients. The company… Read More

Flight Safety Detectives

Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with Flight Safety Detectives! Kurtz Digital Strategy (KDS) has been instrumental in launching this aviation podcast. The audience continues to grow and the podcast is one of the most popular in its category. Taking Off Online KDS began to establish an online presence before the first… Read More


To some, biosolids are just a lot of smelly waste. To Synagro, they are an important resource that can help create sustainable communities. As part of a website redesign project, the company needed copywriting services that would highlight the opportunities presented by their products and services. Strategic Copywriting Kurtz Digital Strategy provided content for each… Read More

Pongos Interactive

Kurtz Digital Strategy provides strategic project management services to Pongos Interactive. The Pongos team creates quality WordPress themes, plugins, and integrations for non-profits, associations, and businesses of all sizes. Projects also include mobile apps, games, and interactive elements for web, desktop, and devices. The most important work that goes into building a successful website project starts long before the… Read More

LGH, Inc.

You know you have a problem when your dynamic management consulting business has an unchangeable website. When LGH, Inc. realized that their current website technology was completely outdated, it was time for a new website.

Bright Regards

Website copy writing is about much more than words. You have to use the right words to get the attention of both man (customers and potential customers) and machine (search engines). When you are a small business competing with much larger companies for attention, you can’t afford any mistakes. Kurtz Digital Strategy researched and wrote… Read More

Dulles South Chantilly Automotive

When is a new website not a great thing? When it leads to an overall decline in your visibility online. This sounds impossible – new is always better, right? This is reality if your website is not developed with and online strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Dulles South Chantilly Automotive found that… Read More

Denise Dorfman

Denise Dorfman

Kurtz Digital Strategy recently refreshed the presentation and messaging for the website. The new site features an enhanced design and follows best practices for online visibility. It speaks to the needs of the target customers. Originally designed to showcase Denise Dorfman as an author and speaker, the website did not present the current breath… Read More

Metiers of Marie Gould Harper

The classic debate about the chicken or the egg coming first has a cousin in the online world. What comes first – the business or the business website? This is especially challenging for professional service providers, who need to establish credibility with potential clients. Dr. Marie Gould Harper, had a blog and wanted to evolve… Read More

Samos Advisors

Samos Advisors

The Samos Advisors website needed a new look. It wasn’t telling the company story or highlighting key services. Competitors were outranking the business for important keywords central to the company’s expertise in earned value management system (EVMS) project management. Complete Website Redesign to Achieve Goals Kurtz Digital Strategy provided a complete website redesign. We took… Read More

Independent Public Relations Alliance

Members of the Independent Public Relations Alliance (IPRA) count on the organization’s website to promote the value that public relations professionals offer and to gain exposure for their specific services. As an all volunteer organization, a web solution that is inexpensive and easy to maintain is also critical.

Brainiacs – STEM for Kids

A brand-new business needed a great website to introduce it. Kurtz Digital Strategy provided the right solution! Brainiacs, a Lovettsville, Virginia based business, offer programs for children pre-K through grade 12. The focus is on learning science, technology, engineering and math – STEM. The Brainiacs website needed to generate excitement, interest and registrations for programs.… Read More

Pack Rat Hauling

When you are a locally-owned company that competes with large national chains, it can be hard to get attention online. Loudoun County-based Pack Rat Hauling was being out-spent online and losing opportunities to serve customers in its primary service area. Kurtz Digital Strategy was brought on as the company’s online marketing partner. Targeted Website The… Read More

World Leisure Travels

When you are competing for customers in a crowded space, how do you stand out? That was the challenge faced by Robert Gordon when he purchased a Cruise Planners franchise. He turned to Kurtz Digital Strategy for a content strategy that would get his name, brand, and expertise in front of potential customers. Content Strategy… Read More

Dr. Suzanne Minarcine

Businesses evolve and websites need to keep pace. Dr. Suzanne Minarcine’s blog needed to grow to a professional website that showcases her work as a speaker, author, and trainer. Website Assessment Kurtz Digital Strategy started by taking an inventory of what was in place and what was needed. Great blog content, check. Updated bio and… Read More

Wine’s Anvil Online Presence

One of the greatest challenges for a new business is the need for an online presence, often before there is anything concrete to offer. Author Donald Furrow-Scott faced that challenge – needing to showcase his concept for historical fiction novels before the first book was published. Kurtz Digital Strategy was engaged to establish a website… Read More



Client GeoOptics has a brand new website to tell the exciting story of how their technology and data is changing the weather industry.

Audrey Kate Design Solutions

Kurtz Digital Strategy has provided ongoing support for the website and online marketing needs of Audrey Kate Design Solutions. Business has grown with the right marketing strategy in place. Kurtz Digital Strategy (KDS) helps each client to build a strong online presence that engages with a specific target audience or customer in mind. Our philosophy… Read More