Social Media – Intergenerational Conflict or Bridge?

Is social media a tool for greater inter-generational understanding or it is yet another source of conflict? In my household the answer us yes and yes. Facebook connects me with my college kid and she has even found interest in my blog and what I do with twitter. But my high schooler is another story.… Read More

Who’s Greener: Boomers or Gen Y?

A new study from from ICOM Information & Communications indicates that boomers are the greener generation. “While conventional marketing wisdom holds that it’s those idealistic Gen Y shoppers who are the most committed to buying products that are less harmful to the environment, a new study finds that, actually, Baby Boomers are the greenest generation,”… Read More

Social Media Is THE Place to Engage

The Chicago Tribune just ran an interesting article that supports the data that indicate that THE place to reach the under 50 crowd is social media. How non-profits are using social networking to raise money and awareness, by Wailin Wong offers some great examples of how non-profits are finding success expanding their engaged audience base… Read More