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Tune Your Brand Voice

As a marketer, you nurture the voice of your brand. Brands with a consistent voice that resonates with the target audience will achieve the most success. Sadly, the majority of brands don’t have a clear and consistent voice. Messages conflict. Themes are mixed. You lose the audience because they can’t figure you out. Here are […]

Tell Your Professional Story on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to tell your professional story. This is valuable in the job you are in, as it lets customers and potential customers understand your value. It is also helpful if you are looking to change jobs, as recruiters use LinkedIn heavily to look for and vet potential candidates. Your profile […]


A Brand Audit Provides Marketing Insight

Your most valuable marketing asset is your brand. A brand audit can give you a read on the value of that asset, as well as any areas in need of attention. A brand audit is an in-depth examination of your brand to identify what you’re doing well, areas for potential improvement and your current position […]