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Networking- Putting it in Perspective

Guest Post By Sharon Inetas You attend a networking event and there is a sea of business professionals that you do not know. In your mind, everyone already is paired up or mixing with a group. Your heart is pounding, you really do not want to just walk up and chime in. What will you […]

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Effective Marketing Via Zoom

Everything you do online creates your online presence and impacts your marketing. Consider Zoom and other online meeting and networking platforms as part of your marketing strategy. Be intentional about creating a thoughtful, inclusive space that represents you and your brand well. Make Your Brand Clear Carry your brand into your online meetings. Incorporate both […]

Sterling Women Zoom Networking

How To Create An Online Event That Brings Value To ALL Attendees

Guest Post By Cynthia Battino, BHSP, Transformational Healing Life Coach, Energy Worker, Happiness Expert, Certified Vistage Speaker and Host of Sterling Women COVID-19 made us shift, pivot, and bob and weave to keep our businesses up and running. Many of us worked virtually and found a new friend, Zoom. There are other online platforms out […]