Growing Your Brand’s Influencer Marketing Performance

Guest Post by Ekaterina Nutryakova, Buzzweb

Influencer marketing is on the rise. A survey by Linqia demonstrated that every fourth marketing strategist will increase the influencer marketing budget for 2018. The same research states that 92% of specialists who used influencer marketing in 2017 found it efficient.

Meanwhile, a marketer’s work in influencer marketing faces a number of challenges. According to a survey by Econsultancy and Fashion and Beauty Monitor, finding and engaging a proper influencer, as well as measuring the ROI of an influencer marketing campaign are the key troubles in influencer marketing.

Let’s consider the way in which these issues are resolved by Buzzweb, a social media growth and analytics tool.

Search and engagement of a suitable influencer

By using the Influencer Discovery feature, a marketing strategist can receive a list of influencers who coincide with the profile of the brand’s target audience and the product he/she is representing. That is possible owing to numerous filters – from those that target the influencer profile to those that reveal the followers characteristics required by the brand.

Marketers will be able to find relevant social media influencers in the 22 categories of the 100,000-influencer database.


Analyzing ROI of an influencer marketing campaign

The Campaign Reports feature gathers the analytics for all the influencer marketing campaigns conducted bfor the brand at any time in the past. The resulting report may be generated in PDF format and provided to his/her superiors or  clients.

It’s enough to have the links to the post published within the campaign:



In addition to these two features, which resolve the main issues encountered by digital marketing strategists working with influencer marketing, Buzzweb has two more – they’ll prove useful to a wider community of marketers.

The first is the Competitor Analytics feature, which allows to analyze the brand’s competitors’ social media activities – how they are growing, who their audience is, how much they spend on promotion.

The other is the Growing Account feature. It analyzes the brand’s page and provides insights and recommendations regarding its subscribers and the engagement rate.  

The basic version of Buzzweb includes all of the above-mentioned functions for free.