Communicators – Never Be Alone

Communication professionals are often a team of one in organizations. But, they should never be alone. There is a great benefit to collaborating with other communicators and stealing (er, getting) fresh ideas. I write this blog to serve as one online resource for communicators. There are many others as well. I enjoy: Mashable Social Media… Read More

DC Communicators Should Follow Capitol Communicator

Last week Capitol Communicator launched a new website, adding to the organization’s value for DC-area communicators. The new website provides more information presented in an engaging, visually attractive format. The site showcases the wide range of information and services available to the communications community. The new E-Magazine/Content Portal will reflect the changes that impact the… Read More

Twitter 101

A blog post worth reading: There’s only a small chance you’ve never heard of Twitter, reports Peter LaMotte of GeniusRocket, but, he told us, the chances are much higher you’ve heard of it, but have never used this social-networking service. If you have yet to dip your communications and marketing toes into the world… Read More