Survey Shows Public Relations Trends

A new survey of primarily corporate communications professionals identified the hottest trends in public relations and some that aren’t so hot. What’s hot: storytelling, content marketing and thought leadership. The survey was conducted by Frank Strong in collaboration with Ned Lundquist, an IABC Fellow. The survey was conducted in February 2018 and 155 respondents completed… Read More

7 Questions to Help Refocus Your Social Messages

Not getting the results you want from your social media outreach? There are some questions you should ask yourself to make sure your content and messaging is setting you up for success. Before I launch into the seven questions, the most important thing to keep in mind is patience. Social media marketing and communication is… Read More

Best Practices for Texting as Part of the Messaging Mix

Last year, more than 8.6 trillion text messages were sent, including 6 billion per day in the United States alone. Texts – also known as short message service (SMS) – is another way to reach your audience. As with all channels, texting must be done authentically and strategically. Here are some points to consider for your… Read More