Leverage Competitive Insight in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your competitors are vying for the same audience. They are making marketing decisions that you can learn from. Are you paying attention? Competitive Analysis A competitive analysis is the systematic process of understanding who the competition is and what they’re doing. You look at what is going well and what’s not working. Digging into what’s… Read More

3 Tools to Spy on the Competition Online

Call it spying or marketing intelligence – if you are not paying attention to what your competitors are doing online you are missing out. What everyone else is doing is an important piece of research that needs to factor in to your successful digital marketing strategy. To help, here are three free tools that help… Read More

You’ll Be Amazed at What You Can Learn from Competitor Websites

Planning to re-do your website? Start with your competitors. An often overlooked and extremely insightful exercise is to look at what your competitors offer online and how well they are serving your target audiences.  I often compare the website development process to building a house and there’s nothing more insightful that looking inside a few… Read More