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Online payment

COVID Has More People Doing More Online

We are only beginning to understand the long term impacts of COVID on our day-to-day lives and behavior. One thing is certain, people are doing more online. Savvy businesses are adjusting their marketing accordingly. We have all had to embrace doing more online. Running to the store was mostly taken off the table. Curbside pickup […]

How users interact with brands on social media

What Action Can You Expect from Online Engagement?

Your company is likely on social media to connect with your audience and to get them to take beneficial action. But what is realistic to expect? Nielsen Norman Group has identified 6 types of interactions that users have with companies on social media. They identified the following core interactions, illustrated in this image in order of frequency. […]

Content writing, proofing and editing

Elements of Great B2B Headlines

All of your business-to-business (B2B) content starts with a headline or title. Those words are the most important part of your writing. The right headline captures the reader’s interest. Without it, the rest of the content will never be seen. Focus on Your Audience As you review the advice below, remember that your headline and […]