A New Way of Approaching Digital Content

Guest post by Carrie Hane, Principal Strategist & Founder of Tanzen, and author of Designing Connected Content: Plan and Model Digital Products for Today and Tomorrow Maybe you’ve felt it too. Time speeding up. Technology changes overnight. Personalization isn’t the future, it’s what people demand now. If you’re a marketer, web manager, or communications director,… Read More

Content Curation 101

A solid online marketing and communication strategy should include some level of content curation – discovering and sharing content created by others. This approach increases your value to your target audience because you are sharing your direct thought leadership on a topic and other relevant developments. You become a one-stop resource for people to stay informed. The… Read More

Getting Attention for Your Content

Everyone is in the content marketing game. We are all vying for attention. Getting attention for your content requires that you have an intentional strategy. There are 5 steps to developing content that gets attention: planning, audience targeting, creation, distribution, and optimizing. Plan Your Content Strategy You are busy, but you need to be strategic… Read More