Content Marketing Trends that Matter

Relevance online is all about content. We all need great content and we need a plan to make that content visible to our target audience online.

With this in mind, I offer some content marketing trends that will impact your efforts.

Automate with Care

The number of tools to help you automate content sharing is increasing. Use them to save you time and make your efforts more efficient. But, don’t neglect the need to be authentic.

Automate aspects of your lead generation, email marketing and social media marketing initiatives, but make sure the automated messages are yours. Don’t accept machine created defaults because, well, they come off as machine-generated defaults.

Leverage Content Aggregators

There are places that specialize in collecting content on just about every topic. Be one of the experts they tap.

They win by getting content to feed their streams. You win by demonstrating that you are an expert on credible sites that are not your own.

Proceed with caution. They key is to participate in credible networks only. Take a pass on any opportunities that don’t seem worthy. Vet opportunities and ask questions. Be selective.

Go Below the Surface

Content that provides basic information is everywhere. If you want your content marketing to be successful, you need to delve deeper into topics than everyone else. Be specific.

Keep your content narrow and deep so you can strike the best balance between going deep and not getting too lengthy for online reading.

A plan is a great road map, but you need to be able to take detours. Current events, industry news and other factors may make your plan obsolete. React and make sure you are always speaking to the current needs of your target audience.

Relevance trumps all other objectives.

Stay Committed for the Long term

To win at content marketing you need to be in it for the long term. No short-term 12-week campaign will garner the ultimate success of brand awareness, lead generation. or any other goal.

The real power of content marketing is generating long-term, sustainable, organic growth for your company. You need to commit to publishing quality content on a consistent basis over time.

A committed approach wins when it comes to content marketing.

Promote Your Content

Publishing content isn’t enough to make an impact online. You need to work to make your content visible to your target audience.

Your website is your digital home base, but event well-trafficked sites won’t reach everyone in your target. Sharing content on social media sites is one way to expand your reach.

  • Share your posts on Facebook
  • Tweet every time you add new content
  • Create a LinkedIn update to share your latest content
  • Etc.

Convert Content to New Formats

Beyond sharing links, look for opportunities to share the same content in different ways. Videos and infographics are both great ways to create a new rendition of your content.

Also look for other platforms, such as Medium and blogs that accept guest contributors. Pay attention to the guidelines – some allow you to republish content while others want original content only. Either way, you can reach an expanded audience.

Another idea is to take your best content into a longer form format such as an ebook. This gives your audience an opportunity for a deeper dive into your expertise.

Market Your Content

Every time you publish, be sure to market your content. Don’t restrict yourself to “first” publication only. Marketing each instance gives more people a chance to find your content and it gives you most dedicated followers a chance to get repeated exposure to your great ideas.

Keep on Blogging

Blogs have been around since the mid 90s and they continue to be a worthwhile online marketing and communication strategy. It can be hard to keep your blog lively, but keep at it!

Stats recently collected by Website Builder indicate this is a tactic worthy of continued investment.

  • Companies that blogs receive 55% more website visitors on average
  • Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads
  • 77% of internet users read blogs
  • 23% of time online is spent on blog content
  • In the US, internet users spend 3x more time on blogs than email
  • 92% of companies that blog multiple times a day have acquired a customer from the blog

To get the most from your blog, be sure you actively market you content. Share posts on Facebook and any other social media channels that you use.

Leverage opportunities beyond sharing the link on the day a post is published. On LinkedIn, for example, you can share as an activity update, in one or more groups, and republish as an article.

Also make sure your blog content is well-integrated into your website. When you blog on a topic, you want to interconnect to any other related content, including pages, white papers, etc.