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Gain an Audience for Your Content

You work hard to create compelling content but your analytics show that your site traffic isn’t delivering on your expectations. You aren’t alone. Few sites attract visitors without a visibility strategy. You need to promote your content to attract an audience. Here’s how. Share Your Content on Social Media Distribute site content across your social […]

4 Steps to Great Content

What makes content great? It all boils down to 4 important criteria. Apply these to your content to improve the way that you connect with your target audience online. Understandable Make sure your content is presented in a way that your target reader will understand. Whether text, audio or video, the message needs to make […]

Content That Meets People Where They Are

The content you provide in your marketing isn’t for you. It’s for the people who you want to market to and to engage with. Never forget this critical element. Keep in mind that the people you want to reach have different needs at different times. Align your strategy to ensure you are there for them […]