Acing the Social Media Conversation

Getting the most out of social media means generating two-way social engagement with your target audience. Too many organizations are missing this opportunity to build relationship by using social media to put out their news/thoughts/opinions as a one-way dialogue with no active participation. Using social channels without focusing on building meaningful relationships is a big… Read More

Understanding Social Media – It Is all About Conversations

A recent article in MediaPosts Search Insider offers: “A consensus seems to be emerging that the real marketing significance of social media may lie beyond the opportunity to display targeted media against individuals and groups. Instead, social media’s real power lies in its ability to function as a recommendation engine in which real people praise or… Read More

Insightful Conversations

We communicators are interested in social media in large part because of the promise of interaction and conversation. We all crave opportunities for two-way exchange. So, where are the meaty conversations happening? In my work for Balance Technology Group, every time we take on a new client, I spend time searching for conversations about that client. I… Read More