Managing Conflict With Courage

Guest Post by Samantha Villegas, APR It’s been said public relations is one of the most stressful careers to have. And no wonder. Few professions are more fraught with impossible deadlines, higher stakes, faster speeds, and crazier conflicts. Nothing derails a job, a project, or even a career faster than conflict. If you Google “conflict… Read More

Yeah, Running GM Is Just Like Raising Kids

General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra recently compared leading the automaker through a crisis and raising two teenagers at the Forbes Reinventing America: The Workforce Summit. Women bring such an interesting perspective to the workplace. Clearly we need more women in C-suites. Watch the video: Mary Barra on Parenting and Leading GM Through Crisis

4 Principles to Survive a Crisis

Former Ford and Chrysler public relations executive Jason Vines’ has written a book, What Did Jesus Drive?, that offers an entertaining, candid sharing of some of the biggest PR crises in the auto industry. His chronicle of mistakes made and lessons learned around these crises provide great insight for all communicators. Savvy communicators know that… Read More