7 Steps to Complete Client Delight

Guest Post by Kim Fredrich, Sales for Non-Salespeople

Clients purchase from you with the expectation that you’ll deliver what you’ve promised.

Sounds like a solid way to run a business.

What happens when you delight your customer?

When you:

  • Really, truly listen to your client’s needs
  • Make it easy to buy from you
  • Exceed expectations throughout the engagement
  • Make any wrongs right
  • Anticipate client needs before they are articulated?

There are some of us old enough to remember when service providers dictated how service was provided. When we worked our schedule around the convenience of the service provider or we expected to remain on hold for hours just to get a resolution to a problem.

In our highly competitive, social media driven world, this is no longer acceptable. And frankly, that’s a good thing! Now, any company that doesn’t at least meet expectations won’t survive long.

So how does a company thrive and grow?

By always making it about the client.

Really, truly serving the client.

Isn’t that customer service? What does this have to do with sales? And me?

Every encounter clients and potential clients have with your organization is part of your sales effort. We’re all in sales.

So let’s get selling, I mean serving!

How to Delight your Clients

  1. Consider how YOU would like to be treated.

  2. Take yourself on a client journey – begin with a visit to your website, make contact with your organization, engage your company and experience your service first-hand.

  3. Ask clients for feedback consistently and regularly. Apply what you’ve learned.

  4. Listen and validate.

  5. Empower team members to seek out and deliver extra value to individual clients. Help your clients wherever possible.

  6. Empower team members to right any wrongs.

  7. Actively seek ways to delight clients throughout their customer journey.

Think like a small business owner.

Does the shopkeeper close the door to a customer who wants to make a purchase at closing time? No, he stays open. And the client rewards him with this sale, future sales and word of mouth advertising. Reciprocity and appreciation are worth many times more than the original sale.

The fast track to spectacular growth is an entire organization 100% focused on exceeding client expectations. Yes, it may cost a little more initially, but that sacrifice for short term profit is worth it in the long term.

When you actively create customer advocates acquisition costs plummet and profit rises.

Remember, service is sales and sales is service.

The continuum of sales and service is becoming increasingly circular – those who embrace it will succeed. Those who don’t will fail.

Does Your Audience Care?

Here’s a question to ask to keep your digital marketing on track: does my target audience care? Am I talking about what I care about, rather than what they care about? If the former, you need a course correction.

Effective Marketing Is Not About You!

Content about new business, a successful presentation, or a great team meeting, may excite you and bore your audience. Content that is useful is interesting. The rest just isn’t.

Talk about what matters to your audience. Don’t get caught into thinking that if it is about you they will automatically care.

Communicate Value

Consider these pointers to be sure your content creates value for your audience.

  • Speak to your audience. Does the content address a need? Provide helpful information? Offer a chuckle? Speak to your audiences concerns.
  • Be personable. Talk like a friend. Make sure everything you add to the conversation helps to build connection and relationship.
  • Be honest. Don’t just share when you think you are perfect. Share lows too. Help people see that you are just like them, with wins and losses.
  • Care. Don’t just think about what matters to you now. Think about what is top of mind for your audience.

Strike a Balance

It is fine to share your wins and joys, as long as you do that in balance. Consider the value of your content to your target audience above all other priorities. Keep your audience in mind when building your digital marketing plan.

Focus on Building Customer Relationships

When developing your marketing strategy, focus on building relationships. “One and done” is wasted effort. Developing connection that allows for ongoing relationship creates greater dividends for your marketing investment.

Establish Customer Relationships

Focus on things that will keep your customer engaged after a sale. Keep customers happy and engaged at all times.

Offering a subscription model or a service that customers will need to come back to more than once is a strategic way to ensure customers are engaged beyond the first purchase.

Provide an incentive for customers to come back. Make sure the experience they encounter is worthwhile.

Provide Value

Collect data from customer interactions and use it to create meaningful engagement. Provide personalized experiences that your customer will value.

Make each experience as personal and relevant as possible. Understand the channel(s) customers prefer, what they most need from you, what time of day they are most likely to interact, how they think about issues, etc.

Define an Ongoing Journey

Create a customer journey that extends well beyond a sale. Create meaningful, continual touch points.

  • Answer questions
  • Follow up to the sale
  • Provide related information
  • Ask for feedback

These are just a few things you can build into any transaction well beyond the purchase. Be creative!