Check Web Page Performance with Google Tools

Google Analytics Page Analysis

First, look at the page data. Go to the All Pages report under Behavior>Site content and search for the page you want to assess.

Click on the page to look at the number of page views and other metrics. Note how often it is the entrance page – the first page visited. Look at the device category to see how many people visit from desktop versus mobile devices.

Look Over Time

Play with the time frame  to see how your page performs over time. This can help you see seasonal differences. You can also track the impact of changes made by looking at the data before and after the change date.

Google Search Console Analysis

Look at Google Search Console to find information about the keywords and phrases a page ranks for.  Once logged in, click on Search results. Set a filter that exactly matches the URL of your page.

You will see the queries and position of the page. Take a look at the metrics to understand how the page is being used.

Facebook Insights Cheat Sheet

Facebook Insights can be a goldmine of valuable data. That is, if you know how to look at the data.

Which elements are most important? What matters?

Here’s a cheat sheet to key Insights elements, what they mean, and how they can inform your digital marketing on Facebook.

  • The page summary shows you key metrics for your Facebook company page for the last seven days.
  • Recent promotions shows you results from your most recent paid ads.
  • Use the data under recent posts to find out which post is performing best. This is the one you should consider boosting for more exposure.
  • Pages to watch is a list generated by Facebook of similar companies. These can give you great comparative data.
  • Use the reach data to assess how many people you are reaching with your content. The data here reflects both organic (free) and paid efforts.
  • Reactions tells you how people are connecting with your content. Take a cue from the content that gets the desired reaction and do more like it.
  • Your ads always have a goal. Actions data shows you the demographics of who took action based on your ad.
  • Under Posts, you can see When Your Fans Are Online by day and time. Use this to schedule posts for maximum impact. You can also see the engagement you get by post type.
  • The People tab gives you data on who is following you. This is a good check on whether you are targeting properly. You can get similar insight from the Manage Ads>Audience Insights area.