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Out with old marketing practies

3 Marketing Practices to Ditch

Here are three marketing practices that are no longer effective. Let them go! While you may be leaving something you are comfortable with, this makes room for new ideas. Campaign Mindset The concept of a campaign has the concept of a start and finish baked in. Real companies and real initiatives don’t work like that. […]

know your marketing niche

Know Your Business and Marketing Niche

It’s not uncommon for business owners to be asked about their niche. This may seem like people are asking you to put yourself in a box when you can do so many things. However, this is actually a very helpful question that increases your marketing impact. What’s a Niche? A niche is part of a […]

Podcasting can be a great marketing tool

Podcasting Thrives in COVID Times

When COVID arrived, I wondered how it would impact clients who use podcasting as part of their digital strategy.  People stopped commuting. Would they find time to listen to podcasts? Apparently yes. Data show that podcasting is thriving during COVID times. The podcasting industry is strong. There are more podcasts and more listeners. More tools […]