Importance of Facebook Ad Frequency

Running Facebook ads as part of your digital marketing strategy? (You probably should.) One of the most important metrics within Facebook ads manager is ad frequency. The Facebook ad frequency metric shows you the number of times your ad has been seen by a unique user. An ad frequency of four means that each user… Read More

Get to Know Your Audience

The most common answer when I ask a new client to define their target audience is “everyone.” That’s the wrong answer. Targeting everyone in your marketing means that you are wasting time and money reaching people who will never buy from you. Taking time to really define your target audience makes sense. The more you… Read More

Start Your Online Strategy with the Right Questions

Your business needs to be online. But where to start? Begin by asking yourself questions. Question 1: What’s my goal? What do you want to accomplish online? Do you want more leads? Do you want to make direct purchases? Or, it is awareness you are going for? Defining your goal will help you set up… Read More