Content Marketing Trends that Matter

Relevance online is all about content. We all need great content and we need a plan to make that content visible to our target audience online. With this in mind, I offer some content marketing trends that will impact your efforts. Automate with Care The number of tools to help you automate content sharing is… Read More

Manage Your Online Reputation, Or Else

   You don’t have a choice – your business is online. It’s there because you have done so or because someone else has done so. It is always to your advantage if you take control of your online presence. You have to actively manage your online reputation to ensure what people see when they search… Read More

Make the Right Impression Online

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What impression are you creating online? Every day, your customers and potential customers are getting an impression of you online. They are visiting your website, seeing your profiles and posts on social media, and researching you in relevant online directories. It is as important… Read More