5 Steps to Manage Your Online Reputation

It’s a lesson we all learn in middle school – reputation matters. Our businesses have a reputation too, and we want it to be one that attracts customers.  Today’s businesses need to pay particular attention to their online reputation. Your customers are online. They go there to both get and share information. You need a… Read More

The Elephant in the Room Is Getting Larger

Facebook, the largest of all social media channels, just keeps growing. Predictions are that it will achieve 2 billion users by the end of 2017. That is a whole lot of people. You online marketing and communication strategy must leverage Facebook. People of all ages and interest are on Facebook and most use it every… Read More

Effective Communication in the Digital Age

Police departments around the country are struggling to understand how to communicate with the tools available to them and to the public. The digital landscape changes many tried and true rules and the departments that don’t keep up risk a disconnect with their communities. That’s why I wrote this article for Ohio Police Chief magazine.… Read More