Build the Right Reputation Online

Reputation matters. Like people, businesses have a reputation. You want yours to be one that attracts customers. Today’s businesses need to pay particular attention to their online reputation.Your customers are online to get and share information. You need a strategy to make sure that the impression you create online is a positive and accurate reflection… Read More

Celebrating Success: Audrey Kate Design Services

Audrey Kate Design Services has been proving the power of digital by being physically located in one state and serving clients in another. The right digital strategy has kept business humming despite an unexpected move. Kurtz Digital Strategy helped define the right master message to reflect why this design company is different from the other choices.… Read More

Checklist to Great Content

There is a lot of content online. Most fails to grab attention. Some rises above the clutter. The effort to create great content is worthwhile. Content marketing costs less and has been proven to generate more leads than traditional marketing. Improve the chances that your content is seen and motivates your target audience by focusing… Read More