Opt-In E-mail Still A Great Communication Investment

Online marketing company Merkle’s report “View from the Inbox 2009” shows that e-mail continues to be a popular and effective marketing communications channel. E-mail offers a low cost-per-contact and the ability to provide direct, measurable results. However, communicators need to be aware of continually changing user attitudes and behavior regarding e-mail. In boxes are crowded with marketing messages. Marketers… Read More

Humans 101: 5 Things People Do With E-mail

Thanks to Jeanniey Mullen at ClickZ Networks for this outline of the five things people do when they get an e-mail. Remember these, and use them to decide the best way to handle your e-mail communication. When people receive your e-mail, they do one of five things with it. Knowing what these are when you… Read More