E-Mail Subject Line Length – Short Is Good

According to a new study by Epsilon on the importance of the subject line in an e-mail promotion, shorter subject lines do generally perform better than longer ones. Shorter subject lines correlate with higher open rates and click rates. However, subject line word order, word choice, and brand and audience awareness are also critical success… Read More

Make E-Mail Work Hard for You

From Al DiGuido of the The ClickZ Network, here are five ways to make e-mail work hard for you: Go Beyond Opens and Clicks Go beyond basic metrics, such as open and click rates, and implement an advanced behavioral analysis, taking into account what consumers do on a Web site once they click in the e-mail. Track Web Site Behavior… Read More

Humans 101: 5 Things People Do With E-mail

Thanks to Jeanniey Mullen at ClickZ Networks for this outline of the five things people do when they get an e-mail. Remember these, and use them to decide the best way to handle your e-mail communication. When people receive your e-mail, they do one of five things with it. Knowing what these are when you… Read More