New Data on Twitter Use

In 2009, there will be 18 million US adults who access Twitter on any platform at least monthly, according to eMarketer. That represents a 200 percent increase over 2008 levels. Usage is predicted to reach 26 million US adults in 2010, a further 44.4 percent climb. This forecast counts 11.1 percent of Internet users as Twitter… Read More

Data Shows Social Networks Growing

 The social networking audience is growing rapidly according to eMarketer.  In “The Rush to Social Networks,” eMarketer estimates that in 2008 41% of the US Internet user population visited social network sites at least once a month, an 11% increase from 2007.  Further, eMarketer predicts by 2013 an estimated 52% of Internet users will be… Read More

Gen X Online and Consuming in Their Own Way

Read a complete account of resent reseach and and data abour Gen X as consumers at Generation Xers are in their peak years of product and service consumption. According to US Census Bureau statistics, as of July 2007, 83.8 million people were in the 25-to-44-year-old Gen X age bracket. “Generation X fervently embraces electronic… Read More