Six Facebook Changes for 2019

Facebook is always changing. In 2018, the limits placed on organic reach of business pages got all the attention. It’s time to consider some things that will impact what you do in 2019.

  1. Facebook Page Recommendations: Facebook Page Reviews have been updated to Recommendations.
  2. Redesigned Pages on Mobile: Facebook business Pages have been redesigned on mobile, making them easier to navigate.
  3. More Ad Targeting Options: Facebook will now help you identify and target people similar to your customers based on online and offline behaviors.
  4. Facebook Stories Ads: Ads have been added to the Facebook Stories option.
  5. More Video Metrics: Facebook recently updated its video ad metrics in order to help advertisers measure video engagement and optimize videos based on those behaviors.
  6. Video Creation Kit: Speaking of video, Facebook recently launched a new Video Creation Kit which enables you to turn your existing photo assets into mobile-optimized videos. Templates include text options also.

Facebook Insights Cheat Sheet

Facebook Insights can be a goldmine of valuable data. That is, if you know how to look at the data.

Which elements are most important? What matters?

Here’s a cheat sheet to key Insights elements, what they mean, and how they can inform your digital marketing on Facebook.

  • The page summary shows you key metrics for your Facebook company page for the last seven days.
  • Recent promotions shows you results from your most recent paid ads.
  • Use the data under recent posts to find out which post is performing best. This is the one you should consider boosting for more exposure.
  • Pages to watch is a list generated by Facebook of similar companies. These can give you great comparative data.
  • Use the reach data to assess how many people you are reaching with your content. The data here reflects both organic (free) and paid efforts.
  • Reactions tells you how people are connecting with your content. Take a cue from the content that gets the desired reaction and do more like it.
  • Your ads always have a goal. Actions data shows you the demographics of who took action based on your ad.
  • Under Posts, you can see When Your Fans Are Online by day and time. Use this to schedule posts for maximum impact. You can also see the engagement you get by post type.
  • The People tab gives you data on who is following you. This is a good check on whether you are targeting properly. You can get similar insight from the Manage Ads>Audience Insights area.


Post on Facebook Like a Pro

The most important way to gain visibility on Facebook is to post interesting content. Your content should appeal to your target client, use your keywords and represent your expertise.

Posts should be made by members of the team and should reflect the style, tone and expertise of the person making the post.

  • Follow the 80-20 rule: no less than 80 percent informational, no more than 20 percent direct promotions.
  • Keep posts brief, 40-125 characters.
  • Use images and video whenever possible.

Facebook Content Ideas

  • Address a question commonly asked by clients. Whenever possible, link to relevant content at your website (preferred) or to authoritative content at another site for more information.
  • Share events that you will be part of:
    • If you are the presenter and the event is open to the public, create a Facebook event.
    • If you are the presenter but the event is not public, share a photo and details about what you said after the fact.
    • If you are a participant, share the event (if there is one) and/or make a post during or after the fact about the event (use any provided links or hashtags to connect yourself with the larger audience around the event).
  • Share an article that has helpful information your target audience will appreciate. Start with your 2-3 sentence take on why the information is valuable and then include the link to the article. (The link will automatically generate a preview image and text; you can delete the link from the post once the preview is present).
  • Post about personal happenings such as a recent vacation, family activity or milestone, or an experience in the community. People want you to be personable on Facebook.
  • Use Facebook Live to share an event in progress or capture a moment with a client.

Get Posting!

Post regularly. Gauge the frequency based on your audience. Once a month might be fine. More likely you want to post weekly or a few times a week.

Post on different days of the week and at different times. Use the Facebook Schedule Post option to make this easier to manage.

After you have 6 months of posts, look at Facebook Insights to determine any patterns for best days and times to post to connect with your target audience.