Making Social Media Work with a Small Team (and Budget)

No matter how small your business, a social media strategy should be a a core part of your marketing and communication efforts. Americans of just about every demographic use social media to get information. Whether your target audience is large or small, national or hyper-local, you need to connect with them on social media. Social media… Read More

Visualize Your Story

I recently posted about the free tool Visme and the folks there wanted me to share information about a contest they are running. The “Visualize Me” contest gives anyone a great platform to visualize a career or life story into an infographic.     The contest runs through October 5 (2016). You can visualize your story using Visme’s icons, as… Read More

Compete and Alexa Belong in Your Toolkit — And They’re Free!

In addition to tracking use data on your website, you should be monitoring the sites offered by your competitors. There are tools to help you do that, and they are free! Competeis an on-line service that lets you pull traffic data for nearly any site on the Internet. The site gives you several tools to… Read More