Social Media – Intergenerational Conflict or Bridge?

Is social media a tool for greater inter-generational understanding or it is yet another source of conflict? In my household the answer us yes and yes. Facebook connects me with my college kid and she has even found interest in my blog and what I do with twitter. But my high schooler is another story.… Read More

Harris Interactive Survey Looks at Perceptions of Generations

A recent survey by Harris Interactive conducted for Charles Schwab and Age Wave asked almost 4,000 Americans aged 21 to 83 what they thought of different generations. The results show how very differently people view the different generations, with many people holding strong positive and negative opinions about them. Among the findings: Baby Boomers The… Read More

Are You Paying Attention to Millennials?

I’ve posted a few times about the power of the millennial generation. Here is more data to support my comments. If you still think baby boomers are the power generation, take note. From, Gen Y Comes into Focus, 6/6/08: Young consumers in the US wield considerable buying power. Among 13 to 21 year-olds alone,… Read More