GenerationYGive Blog Offers Insight Into Gen Y

Here’s another great resource if your communication efforts target Gen Y. A fellow member of DC Web Women started a blog to focus on non-profit fund-raising to Gen Y. According to the author, GenerationYGive posts will focus heavily on the technology and media trends that affect and interest Gen Y and how these can be used… Read More

Women Dominate the Blogosphere

The Center for Media research has just reported on some interesting new stats about blogging: They report on a study that finds more female GenXr’s blogging than their millennial counterparts. Most are well educated and many would give up vices like chocolate if they had to make the choice between that and blogging. I… Read More

Social Media Is THE Place to Engage

The Chicago Tribune just ran an interesting article that supports the data that indicate that THE place to reach the under 50 crowd is social media. How non-profits are using social networking to raise money and awareness, by Wailin Wong offers some great examples of how non-profits are finding success expanding their engaged audience base… Read More