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Get Intel from Google My Business

How do people find your business online? The Insights section of your Google My Business listing offers data that can tell that story. Insights gives you a look at how people find your business on Google search and maps. It also tells you what they do once they find you. There is a summary on […]

How to Rank Well in Local Searches on Google

If you have a business that serves a local area, this post is for you. Google has put a lot of effort into refining search results so the large, national chains aren’t always at the top of results. Even the little guy can rank well in local searches! How do you stand out? The main […]

Google Local Pack May Be Your Best Online Marketing Asset

Have you noticed how localized Google search results are these days? Search for a plumber and you get listings of businesses nearby. A lot of that information is derived from Google Business listings that are featured in what is known as “local packs.” A local pack is a list of businesses that provide a product […]