Get the Google My Business App

Google My Business is designed to help local businesses connect with local customers. Any business with a local service area – brick and mortar or virtual – should be investing time in optimizing a Google My Business presence.

To help, there is a Google My Business app. It has tools to help businesses add to their Google profiles. You can manage what searchers see and make sure your business is properly showcased across Google’s suite of apps.

One tool is the post tool. The Post button in the app allows you to upload a photo, create an offer or event and add it to your Google My Business Profile. Posts help you to get views and have a timely call to action as part of your listing.

The app Profile tab allows you to edit the business details that appear in Google Search and Google Maps.

A Customers tab lists all the people who’ve sought to connect with your business via Google tools. You can respond to customer reviews and post offers.

There is also valuable data. Presented in a similar style to Google Analytics, the data on the front page shows you exactly how your listing is performing on Google.

Why the Google My Business App Matters to You

Our customers are increasingly online, and now we do more of our marketing and communication work right from our phones. As we head into 2019, I predict the Google My Business app will become an increasingly valuable asset to businesses.

The Google My Business app lets businesses create and maintain Google My Business profiles that appear on Maps and mobile search results. Businesses can respond to reviews, send and receive messages from customers, and see who’s following them. The app also allows for photo uploads, offers, and creating events.

The app has built-in analytics too. Many industry experts predict it will become a core digital marketing tool among small businesses.

Google My Business Listing Essential for SEO

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about search engine optimization (SEO) may be keywords married with a goal to be in the “10 ten search results.” A large player in your search visibility may be something you have scarcely noticed: your Google My Business listing.

Your listing plays a large role in everything Google, from maps to search page results. Claiming your listing and ensuring it is complete and accurate is a must-do for all businesses.

As illustrated below, the details of your business profile are shown alongside search results when users search your business name. If yours shows the “Own this business?” link, you have not claimed your business. Make that your first action item.


When users search more generically for a business, Google My Business listings appear on the page right below any paid ads and above any organic search results.

How does Google pick the top three? The formula that factors whether the listing is claimed, how complete it is, the proximity to the searcher, reviews, and more.


Get the most out of your Google My Business listing with these steps:

  1. Claim your listing.
  2. Complete all available fields, including hours, services, common questions, etc.
  3. Upload pictures that illustrate your business. Even if you don’t have a physical store front, you have a logo, people, customers, pictures from events you attend. People are visual, so don’t skip on adding images.
  4. Ask people to submit reviews. Once you have claimed your listing, you can generate a link that will send them right to your listing.

After you take these initial steps, make a habit of checking your listing periodically. Google regularly adds features and you want to be sure you take advantage of every opportunity. Seemingly changeless information does change, so make sure your hours and other details are accurate. Remember, Google gives higher rank to complete and accurate business listings.