Get the Google My Business App

Google My Business is designed to help local businesses connect with local customers. Any business with a local service area – brick and mortar or virtual – should be investing time in optimizing a Google My Business presence.

To help, there is a Google My Business app. It has tools to help businesses add to their Google profiles. You can manage what searchers see and make sure your business is properly showcased across Google’s suite of apps.

One tool is the post tool. The Post button in the app allows you to upload a photo, create an offer or event and add it to your Google My Business Profile. Posts help you to get views and have a timely call to action as part of your listing.

The app Profile tab allows you to edit the business details that appear in Google Search and Google Maps.

A Customers tab lists all the people who’ve sought to connect with your business via Google tools. You can respond to customer reviews and post offers.

There is also valuable data. Presented in a similar style to Google Analytics, the data on the front page shows you exactly how your listing is performing on Google.

Is Google Ignoring You?

Every day there are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google. If you aren’t showing up on Google, you are missing a lot of opportunities to be found. You cannot afford to be ignored.

The problem can be more serious than amping up your website and online presence. Google can be actively NOT including you for any number of offenses.

Every business needs to pay attention to Google’s search console and webmaster tools. Here you will find any issues that are preventing Google from ranking your content. Some are more technical than others, but awareness is the first and most important step.

Some things that Google does not like:

  • Automatically generated content
  • Link farms that aren’t relevant to your content
  • Redirects or links to poor quality websites
  • Content that is copied from other sites
  • Duplicate content within a website
  • Unmoderated comments that let spammers and bots post irrelevant content and links

There are more ways to get flagged for bad behavior by Google. Be sure that part of your marketing plan is to periodically check in to make sure you don’t have any issues that are getting in the way of your visibility in search.

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Make “the Google” Work for Your Business

It has become a thing in my house. A question comes up and someone recommends that we “ask the Google.” You can ponder the implications for mankind now that we count on technology to answer every question, but I am focused on what this means for brand marketing.

Search Engine Result Page Not About the Top 10

Search result pages have changed. Being in the top 10 of organic rankings for a keyword, phrase or question does not get you to the top of searches.

Today, search engine results pages (SERP) have (in this general order):

  • Google Ads – paid placements at the top of the page. There can be none, one or several, depending on the keyword searched.
  • People also Ask – a feature that includes related queries to the original search phrase
  • Knowledge Graph – boxes that include data ranging from companies to celebrities on the right of search results page
  • Local Packs – several local listings appear together, often under a map marking the location of each one
  • Image Packs – often a single row of images appearing on the results page
  • Organic Results – web pages that match the search keyword or phrase in value order

Having fresh, accurate content in multiple locations across the web gives every brand the best chance of winning space on the first SERP page.

Google My Business Matters

In the quest to provide the most relevant search results to all customers, Google has put increasing emphasis on validating businesses online with the Google My Business tools. To rank well, businesses must claim and complete their listings.

Listings need active maintenance to stay relevant. This includes adding images and other content so that Google knows the brand is actively in the game.

Also important is getting Google reviews. I have seen several cases where Google My Business listings with reviews get priority over similar listings without them.