Instagram Ideas for Business

Instagram is not just for Millennials. The number of active users continues to grow. Increasingly, it is a good social channel for businesses.

Organizations can use  the platform to connect with audiences, customers, the broader community, and complementary or competing businesses.

Eighty percent of the billion people globally who use Instagram are following at least one business account. With Instagram, you let them know what you are up to – and learn what others are doing – with pictures.

Instagram Stories

Stories are the powerhouse of Instagram. They’re a series of pictures or video clips strung together in sequence. You can have different themes for stories or have regular stories to connect with your followers.


Instagram is largely organized by hashtags. Hashtags are how people search Instagram. Your brand can create a new hashtag for your community to use and/or make use of existing tags to tap into an existing audience.

The Link Challenge

Many brands use social media to drive traffic to a website. Instagram doesn’t make that easy. Instagram only lets accounts with more than 10,000 followers include a link in posts. Before you hit that number, the only place you can have a link is in your bio. Yup, one link for your whole account.

Because of this, it makes the most sense to engage with users on Instagram. Use it to build awareness, engage and share information. Use pictures to share product and service features and demonstrate your value.

Tips for Picking the Best Images for Your Online Messaging

When you’re selecting images for your website, social posts and other online efforts, you want to maintain a look and feel that’s true to your brand. Take time to define the factors that make a visual “on brand” and use only those that fit.

If you’ve ever been tempted to insert cartoon clip art that would look out of place on your sleek, minimalist website, follow these photo tips and that will help you choose images that are both on point and on brand.

Pay Attention to Look and Feel

Stock imagery is a great way to add visual interest to a blog post, a page on your website, or your homepage. Stock images are fine, as long as they fit with your site’s overall look and feel.

Home page images, which are often very large, play an important role in defining your brand’s aesthetic. This image should guide you as you choose images for other parts of your site.

Choose complementary images. By thinking about the overall look of your site, you’ll be more likely to choose images that are consistent and on brand.

Your Own Images Are Best

Stock photos can work, but your own images are generally best. Create one-of-a-kind website images that align with your brand.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional photographer or own expensive software to make simple but powerful edits to your images. A basic crop can help. A filter can instantly change the mood of a photo. Add words to images when you want to incorporate a company name or slogan or important details.

Tell Your Story with Images

Modern web and social media platforms make it easy to add visual flair. Use slideshows and galleries to help tell your story online.

5 Great Image Tools

We all need content – daily – for social media marketing. The most eye-catching content is visual. Here are five great ways to get great images.


Canva is an online web app to design graphics for projects, big and small. It is the tool most content creators seem to use. No design or editing experience is required. It is a versatile tool.


Like Canva, BeFunky is a one-stop-shop for creating graphics. It is another easy-to-use, versatile tool.

Creative Market

This site offers ready-to-use design assets from independent creators. You will find graphics, fonts, website themes, photos, and mockups. Everything is assembled to look and work well together.


Stock images are low cost (and often free). iStock offers a collection of royalty-free photos, illustrations and videos. You can find images and save to a board to create a consistent look for your social efforts.


Infogram lets you create infographics and reports. Including charts, maps, graphics, and dashboards. This lets you share data in a visual way.  There are more than 35 chart types you can use.

More Options

There are more options out there. The trick is to find the best tool for the visual you want to create.  Free is great, but don’t shy away from investing in the tools that are most helpful. The time you save may be well worth the cost.