The Importance of Professional Images for Your Business

Guest Post By Christy Kosnic, Christy Kosnic Photography

As business owners, we can no longer depend on a logo, a phone number and an address in the Yellow Pages. (Remember those?) We have multiple marketing platforms at our disposal including websites, social media, digital and print advertising. Through these mediums we have the opportunity to create brand awareness and build trust, creating relationships with potential clients and ultimately generating revenue.

We are a society that voraciously consumes images on a constant basis. Great images can quickly convey what your business does and how professional you are. (A picture is worth 1000 words, right?)

Conversely, no images or poor images have a negative impact on your business and can just as quickly drive people away. Be it true or not, unprofessional images indicate the same about the products or services you offer. Great photos can get you noticed for the right reasons and propel your business forward.

Stock Images vs. Personalized, Professional Images

If you are sold on professional images but think stock images will be good enough, think again. Potential clients want to know who YOU are and what YOU offer. Are you trustworthy? Do you have a safe place to conduct business? A great headshot with images of your business location and even your business process helps clients understand how you can meet their needs. This can give you the edge over your competition.

Business Assets: Print + Digital

Professional images will help you not just on your website or your social media profile picture but can be used in a multitude of ways. Need bi-fold brochures and a large vinyl banner for an upcoming trade show? No problem! With professional and personalized imagery, you already have the tools necessary to create polished printed media. Just drag and drop into standard templates found in online print stores. The same applies to your business cards, postcard mailers, flyers… the list goes on.

And social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc. – whichever applies to your business, professional images can attract a following of potential clients before they even need your services. And when they do, who will come to mind first? You!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

And back to the Yellow Pages… We don’t use them anymore! Today’s version is an online search engine and without good SEO,potential clients will have a hard time finding you if they don’t already have your website or social media handles. Optimized images help you get found and perform better in the overall search results. Professional images engage your clients and can ultimately lead to them to choose you over a competitor.

Professional imagery is a must for successful business owners. It is a tremendous tool that can be used in a variety of ways: marketing yourself, your goods or services on your website, on social media, and printed materials. Take the plunge. Invest in yourself and your business and see the returns.

See examples of how professional imagery has helped my clients HERE.

About the Author

Christy Kosnic is a professional photographer based in Northern Virginia and has served the Washington DC area since 2011. Images featured in the header of this article are of Sallie Kjos and her team at GreyHunt Interiors.

Worthy Toolbox Addition: GIF Maker

Image via GIPHY

Animated snippets are everywhere on social these days. It’s time to add these GIFs to your social content if you haven’t already. And, of course, there is a great tool for that.

GIPHY lets you search, share, and discover GIFs on the Internet. GIFs are organized by category. They come from indexing based on the best and most popular GIFs and search terms across the web.  GIPHY accounts are free and let you save all of your uploaded and favorited GIFs.

Sharing on Twitter

For a GIF to play inline on Twitter, use GIPHY’s hyperlink found on the selected GIF’s Copy Link page. Place the link at the end of your tweet as the last links in the tweet are previewed. The GIF will animate inline on Twitter!

Sharing on Facebook

To play a GIF ion Facebook, use GIPHY’s hyperlink found on the selected GIF’s permalink page. The link must be the first link in the post. Once the GIF is previewed in the post, its url can be removed.

Sharing on Instagram

GIPHY has a mobile app. To share a sticker in your Instagram story, tap the “GIF” button in your Instagram Story decoration area, then search for your sticker, tap, and place on your story!

Make it Happen

Make GIFs for free using:

Share GIFs quick and easily using:

  • Share icons via
  • Using the GIPHY app on iOS or Android
  • Directly from your keyboard with GIPHY Keys on iOS
  • Natively in any platform powered by GIPHY

Resolve to Be More Visual

Great content is more than words. You also need great visuals. None of us have the budget to create custom visuals for all of our content. The good news is there are many royalty-free image sites that you can mine for the right images to pair with your great words.

Caution: many of these sites also promote paid options. You may decide you want to pay for an image, but make sure you are intentional about selecting a paid image over a free image!