Content Marketing Beyond Words

Is your content marketing all about words? It’s often easiest to create content in article form:  a headline, a few subheads and a couple of paragraphs of text and you are done! The problem is that this is boring! Research by the Content Marketing Institute consistently shows that interactive, non-static content grabs attention. Content that… Read More

Visualize Your Story

I recently posted about the free tool Visme and the folks there wanted me to share information about a contest they are running. The “Visualize Me” contest gives anyone a great platform to visualize a career or life story into an infographic.     The contest runs through October 5 (2016). You can visualize your story using Visme’s icons, as… Read More

Consider the Infographic for Storytelling

An infographic might be a great tool for telling the story you want to share online. Infographics are an effective way to communicate complex information quickly through visual storytelling. They are a great way to use data and text, illustrated with some complimentary images, to make a complex story easy to digest. Keep these things… Read More