Up Your Insta Hashtag Game

Hashtags are a key way that Instagram users find content and engage with trending topics. As an important way for Instagram users to discover your brand, hashtags are a necessary component of your strategy on the platform.

You need an Instagram strategy and, within that strategy, you need a hashtag approach. Here’s how to get there.

Research Trending Topics with Your Target Audience

You need to know which topics and hashtags are trending with your target audience. Identify topics that are of highest interest to your audience. Narrow to the conversations that are most relevant to your brand.

You may find that different hashtags are best for subsets of your audience.  Consider different hashtag strategies for each of these sub-targets so that they see your content.

Plan for Quality Over Volume

Instagram algorithmically selects posts to reveal within a hashtag based on recency and quality. Users can also downvote posts. This can get you in trouble in the platform if you use a ton of hashtags that really aren’t applicable.

Focus your strategy around consistent posting of relevant content using hashtags that are meaningful to your target audience.

Draw from Experience

Look at the social content that has performed best for you and the hashtags used in that content. Put together a content calendar based around events, interests, and seasonal topics of interest to your audience.