What Do People Do Online?

Guest post by Johnathan Blakely, Broadbandsearch.net Since the internet became mainstream in the 1990s, it has rapidly become an integral part of our lives. Most of us can’t go more than an hour without checking our phones, and “Google It!” has become a part of our daily language. However, a fair question to ask is:… Read More

We Still (Mostly) Like the Internet

A Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults conducted in January 2018 finds the vast majority of internet users (88%) say the internet has been a mostly good thing for them personally. However, Americans are somewhat more ambivalent about the impact of digital connectivity on society as a whole. A majority of online adults (70%) believe… Read More

DC Area Workshop on the Internet of Things

Communications expert Kathy Stershic is leading a discussion on “Big Data” and the digital future, Monday, April 13, at the National Press Club. The workshop is hosted by PRSA-NCC. “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things” provide unprecedented opportunity for targeted communication. But growing data privacy and cyber security concerns, from the Snowden NSA scandal… Read More