Nielsen: New Usability Study of Non-Profit Sites

Jakob Nielsen recently conducted a usability study of websites for non-profits. Participants were people who had donated to charities in the past, people who had previously volunteered, and those who use Facebook. Sixty non-profit and charity websites were tested to cover a range of categories: Arts, Culture, and Humanities Animals Development and Relief Services Education Environment Health Human… Read More

Alphabetical Sorting Not the Best

When in doubt, I have always presented lists of items in alphabetical order. My thinking was that this is a logical order that everyone understands. Well, usability testing has me rethinking that approach, and it should make you reconsider too. According to usability expert Jakob Nielsen, ordinal sequences, logical structuring, time lines, or prioritization by… Read More

Blog Home: Summaries Beat Full Articles

According to the latest research from Jakob Nielsen, on corporate blogs post summaries are usually superior to full articles because they let you expose users to a broad selection of topics. Offering more topics increases the likelihood that users will find something that really interests them and thus will click through to read more. (As opposed to… Read More