Tell Your Story

Few communication techniques are more powerful that story telling. Stories generally add up to more than the sum of the words used, and we tend to listen to them with interest. I see this technique used effectively in online and offline communication. Offline, I am struck by the power of the “story” sermons persented by pastor Beth… Read More

Is Your E-Mail Performing?

My appreciation for Karen Gedney of the ClickZ Network continues as I share her latest piece, “Buff Enough for a Tough Economy? Ten E-mail Exercises.” I can’t say it any better, so follow the link and check your e-mail marketing against Karen’s 10 exercises. Follow her advice to maximize on the success of your efforts… Read More

Tips for Marketing Your Webinar

A webinar can be a great way to engage your key audiences. Once a novelty, webinars are now a more commonplace communication tactic. That means you have to work harder to attract an audience. Karen Gedney, my favorite contributor at ClickZ,  offers eight techniques for increasing registrations for your webinar: