6 Best Social Media Tools

No doubt, social media is time-consuming. These “free” platforms exact a cost in time and effort. One way to become efficient with social is to use one or more free tools that are designed to help you post and see the impact of your efforts. There are tools that let you schedule posts for days… Read More

Klout Helps Businesses Find Social Media Influencers

Active web users create about 500 million pieces of content about products and services per year, yet 80 percent of these user impressions were made by a mere 6 percent of users on social media. So, how do you find and connect with these key influencers? Klout is a tool that ranks the personal influence… Read More

Measure Twitter Influence with Klout

My influence score is 7, or so says Klout. Klout says it measures influence across the social web. To sign up, you enter your twitter ID, so your Klout score is based on your impact there. Klout collects data about the content you create, how people interact with that content and the size and composition of your… Read More