The Right Link Text Will Get You Ahead

Recent research by Nielsen Norman Group gives great advice on the best link labels.  To get the most clicks, write specific links that set sincere expectations, are substantial enough to stand alone, and are as succinct as possible. As people scan your site, they look for links to get them to the information you want. Keep these four elements in… Read More

Winning Ways: Build Links to Your Content

A new ranking study on links done by the Stone Temple Consulting team shows that links to your content from other websites is extremely important to your online credibility. The research shows a “near-perfect correlation” between ranking highly in Google and the number of  links pointing to that page. Stone Temple Consulting aggregated the count of links for the top 50… Read More

Cut the Link Clutter

Here’s a good rule of thumb for websites: keep it simple, say things only once, and link to things sparingly. Less is more with the web; keep pages sparse to increase the chances that visitors will learn what you want or take the action you want. Sometimes this guidance breaks down with links, especially when… Read More