Create the Right Video for Facebook

People watch a lot of video on Facebook. Here are some tips on how to create a video that attracts attention and moves people to your call to action.

Video Length

Videos should be about 30 seconds! With the exception of live video, that’s about all the time you get. Think about when and where your audience will watch your video and how you can have an impact in just a few seconds.

Live Video

On average, people spend three times longer watching live videos than other types. Engagement is also higher.

The live format allows you to establish a closer and more authentic relationship with your audience. Go live to offer a product demo, discuss a new concept, or do Q&A.

Brand Story Videos

People love stories. Tell them yours! Video showcasing a company story helps people understand your brand and what it stands for.  Have one or more people in the company tell the story. Authenticity is valued more than polish.

Educational Videos

People watch videos for entertainment, inspiration or to learn something new. Educational and how-to videos tap into this need.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video introduces your product. These are great for new products and services and for increasing brand awareness.