Social Media Usage & Nonprofits: Are You Using It Like a Billboard, or to Build Relationships?

Guest Post by Ami Neiberger-Miller Many nonprofit organizations have been on social media for more than a decade. New start-up nonprofit organizations can easily set up a Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram account to share their work, attract donors, and engage volunteers. But what value do nonprofits really get out of social media? And… Read More

Effective Communication Is Key to Fundraising Success

Guest post by Kari Kiel, Marketing , DoJiggy/GolfRegistrations Fundraising is not just about raising money. A fundraising campaign must also have strategic objectives other than raising funds. Success can be attributed largely to your ability to communicate effectively. Just like an advertising campaign, your organization or charity must communicate what’s unique about your cause. Then… Read More

Buyer Beware: The Hidden Costs of Free Software for Nonprofits

Guest Post By Gretchen Barry, of The Appeal and Illusion of Free When it comes to purchasing new software, many organizations do so to increase efficiency, save time, and reduce costs. This is particularly true of nonprofits, which often have limited staff and busy schedules.   Enter “free” software: on its surface, a simple,… Read More