Give Your Brand a Personality

People seek relationships with one another and, yes, with brands. Your brand’s social personality is an important part of what will make people engage or ignore you. Spend time to define a personality for your brand that will resonate with your target audience and you will position yourself for social media engagement.   The most… Read More

5 Steps to Manage Your Online Reputation

It’s a lesson we all learn in middle school – reputation matters. Our businesses have a reputation too, and we want it to be one that attracts customers. ┬áToday’s businesses need to pay particular attention to their online reputation. Your customers are online. They go there to both get and share information. You need a… Read More

´╗┐ Digital Strategy on Twitter

Twitter is often an important online tool for building your brand and reaching your target audience. Notice I said “often” and not “always.” However, if you have developed your social media strategy and Twitter is part of the mix, here are some thoughts to help you get the most from your presence there. Twitter can… Read More