Get Emotional With Your Audience

Connecting with your audience is not enough. Research shows that people who feel emotionally connected to your organization will engage more often and spend more money. General Motivators Emotionally connected people are loyal, active, and engaged. Common emotional motivators: Stand out from the crowd: Help people develop a unique social identity. Confidence in the future:… Read More

Create Social Media Content that Connects

Social media content is not just words. It is an effort to reach out to and connect with your target audience.  Here are some ideas to create social media posts that’ll get your audience talking to you. Know Your Goal Every post should have a goal. Is the goal to create awareness? Are you trying… Read More

LinkedIn Strategy for the Professional

LinkedIn is an important platform for all professionals, and especially for those who need to build their own contacts. People who work in insurance, financial planning, personal training and more need to build a base of connections. Once primarily a platform for professionals seeking their next position, LinkedIn is now a key place used for… Read More