Invite People to Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook company pages are a worthwhile way to engage online for most businesses. Even though Facebook does not share your content with most followers anymore, building a community there is worthwhile.

First, create your page

The first step towards inviting people to like your Facebook page is, of course, to actually have a Facebook company page. You must have a personal profile to create a business page. Follow the prompts and complete as many sections as apply to your business.

Invite friends to be followers

  • Go to your company Facebook page and look for the three dots just below your cover photo
  • Click “Invite Friends.” A screen will pop up with a list of your friends
  • Click on the name of each friend you want to invite
  • Click “send invites”

Note: The bottom of the invite pop up gives you the option to send invites in Messenger as well. This option is a good way to make sure your invites are seen.

Follow up

You will get notices when people like your page. Thank them! For those that don’t act, check in individually via message to check if they got your request, Explain the value of connecting with you on Facebook.

Inviting followers who are not connections

Facebook offers a “share” feature that allows you to reach people who aren’t already connected to you personally.

  • Go to your Page and look for the bar located directly under your cover photo. Look for the “Share” button.
  • Most of the options will allow you to reach people who are not connected to you as friends. Try several different options and include a friendly message to earn more page likes.
  • If you choose to share on your own timeline, be sure set the post to “public” to ensure that everyone will be able to see the post.

Another option, Promote Page ads

One advertising option allows you to promote your page to increase “likes”. This will allow you to reach a target audience with the invitation to like your page. This can help you  build a larger audience more quickly than the Invite and Share options.

Get Emotional With Your Audience

Connecting with your audience is not enough. Research shows that people who feel emotionally connected to your organization will engage more often and spend more money.

General Motivators

Emotionally connected people are loyal, active, and engaged. Common emotional motivators:

  • Stand out from the crowd: Help people develop a unique social identity.
  • Confidence in the future: Help people to have a positive mental picture of the future.
  • Sense of well-being: Life measures up to expectations.
  • Freedom: Sense of independence without obligation or restriction.
  • Excitement:  Fun taps our emotions.
  • Belonging: Affiliation and being part of a meaningful group.

Your Audience’s Motivators

Figure out what emotional motivators bring people to your organization by analyzing interactions of your most committed and engaged audience members. Why do they do what they do? What do they react to positively? Negatively?

Once you’ve identified the emotional motivators that connect you with your best supporters, you can figure out how to better connect with others. Communicate to appeal to emotional motivators. Interact in a way that meets key desires,

Create Social Media Content that Connects

Social media content is not just words. It is an effort to reach out to and connect with your target audience.  Here are some ideas to create social media posts that’ll get your audience talking to you.

Know Your Goal

Every post should have a goal. Is the goal to create awareness? Are you trying to connect with your audience? Do you want them to take a specific action after reading your post?

Speak to Their Needs

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Before you write, answer the following questions:

  1. Would my audience find this interesting?
  2. Why would my audience care?
  3. Would they have something to say in reaction?

Encourage Reactions

Write your posts in a way that encourages conversation. Ask open-ended questions. Invite opinions. Post a poll with options so that people can interact with just a click.

Be Meaningful

A good way to connect with your audience is to  offer content that helps them and addresses a need. Give your audience information, make them smile, or share some inspiration. They are likely to comment when your content hits home.

Also create meaning by being true to your brand. To stand out, you need to be yourself and reflect your brand personality.