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Out with old marketing practies

3 Marketing Practices to Ditch

Here are three marketing practices that are no longer effective. Let them go! While you may be leaving something you are comfortable with, this makes room for new ideas. Campaign Mindset The concept of a campaign has the concept of a start and finish baked in. Real companies and real initiatives don’t work like that. […]

Consistency of NAP online

You Have Complete Control Over this Critical Factor in SEO

Heads up to all businesses with a local service area. A major factor in determining how you rank locally is the consistency of business name, address and phone across your citations online. Yes, focusing on just your name, address and phone – NAP – and ensuring they are 100% consistent everywhere will boost your search […]

Write for Online Readers

Write for Online Readers

The rules you followed to make your print newsletter grab readers don’t work anymore. As we have transitioned to reading online, how we read and the time we are willing to give have changed. You need to change the way you present your communications to successfully compete for time and attention. You Get 10 Seconds […]