Americans Use YouTube – a Lot!

Did you know that 73% of Americans report that they use YouTube? Pew Internet gathered that statistic and then did further research to find out exactly what people do on YouTube.

A Pew analysis of videos suggested by YouTube’s recommendation engine, finds that users are directed toward progressively longer and more popular content.

  • About half of YouTube users say the platform is very important for helping them figure out how to do things they’ve never done before.
  • One-in-five YouTube users (13% of the total US adult population!) say it is very important for helping them understand events that are happening in the world.
  • 81% of all parents with children age 11 or younger say they never let their child watch videos on YouTube.

The site’s recommendations play an important part in users’ watching habits. “Up next” videos are selected by the site’s algorithm and appear alongside or below the video viewers are currently watching. A whopping 81% of YouTube users say they at least occasionally watch the videos suggested by the platform’s recommendation algorithm.

As with other online algorithms, just how it works is not stated publicly. Assume that how you tag your video plays a role in how it comes up in the “up next” section.

The Pew study is a must read if you spend any time posting videos to YouTube.

Create the Right Video for Facebook

People watch a lot of video on Facebook. Here are some tips on how to create a video that attracts attention and moves people to your call to action.

Video Length

Videos should be about 30 seconds! With the exception of live video, that’s about all the time you get. Think about when and where your audience will watch your video and how you can have an impact in just a few seconds.

Live Video

On average, people spend three times longer watching live videos than other types. Engagement is also higher.

The live format allows you to establish a closer and more authentic relationship with your audience. Go live to offer a product demo, discuss a new concept, or do Q&A.

Brand Story Videos

People love stories. Tell them yours! Video showcasing a company story helps people understand your brand and what it stands for.  Have one or more people in the company tell the story. Authenticity is valued more than polish.

Educational Videos

People watch videos for entertainment, inspiration or to learn something new. Educational and how-to videos tap into this need.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video introduces your product. These are great for new products and services and for increasing brand awareness.

Make Your Videos Rock the Facebook World

Videos draw attention on Facebook. Your content plan should include creating and sharing videos.

What Facebook videos get attention? The topic chosen, length of the video, the content, and the amount of text will affect your results.

Data collected by BuzzSumo based on 100 million Facebook videos offers insight into what to do to create video that works on Facebook.

Here are insights to help you create videos that will be shared and attract likes and comments. Here’s how to rock video on Facebook:

Hungry Anyone?

The number one video category by far on Facebook is food. Food is a good topic. There are also categories that usually tank. Avoid them.


Short and Sweet

Short Facebook videos are more likely to attract attention from viewers than longer ones. The ideal length is 60 to 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, engagement falls.

Don’t fall below 30 seconds. Videos below 30 seconds performed worse than any other category.

Go Live, Too

About 20% of all Facebook video content is live. Most people interact with live feeds longer than regular videos. Here, about 15-20 minutes is the ideal length.