Best Practices for Texting as Part of the Messaging Mix

Last year, more than 8.6 trillion text messages were sent, including 6 billion per day in the United States alone. Texts – also known as short message service (SMS) – is another way to reach your audience. As with all channels, texting must be done authentically and strategically. Here are some points to consider for your… Read More

Choice Still Rules

According to the Ascend2 and Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex’s report “Email Marketing Trends, B2B Benchmarks for 2015,” marketers are finding that allowing choice – both to sign up and to pick they type and frequency of email to receive – is an important factor in effective email campaigns.Signing people up for information without their choice… Read More

Opt-In E-mail Still A Great Communication Investment

Online marketing company Merkle’s report “View from the Inbox 2009” shows that e-mail continues to be a popular and effective marketing communications channel. E-mail offers a low cost-per-contact and the ability to provide direct, measurable results. However, communicators need to be aware of continually changing user attitudes and behavior regarding e-mail. In boxes are crowded with marketing messages. Marketers… Read More